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Richard Henry Dana, Jr.


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Richard Henry Dana was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and grew up in Boston. His father, Richard Henry Dana, Sr., was a lawyer and poet. Dana attended Harvard (1831-1833), but left school in 1834 because of his failing eyesight. He embarked upon a two year sea voyage by working as a common seaman on board the brig Pilgrim which sailed around Cape Horn to California. Dana returned to Harvard to complete his education. He studied law and entered law practice, drawing on his travel experience to acquire maritime law clients. In 1841 he published The Seaman's Friend, a standard manual on the law of the sea. Dana was also active in politics. Two Years Before the Mast, the writing for which he now so well known, is based on the diary he kept while at sea, and is considered a classic text on life aboard the old sailing ships.

Richard Henry Dana, Jr.

Richard Henry Dana (1815-1882)
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