Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

William Jonathan Davis


Confederate cavalry officer, teacher, and businessman,
of Louisville, Kentucky

William J. Davis "[w]as born in South Carolina, March 23, 1839. After finishing his education, which was both classical and military . . . he entered the Confederate service at the beginning of the war and continued to its close. After the war he studied law and practiced for some time, but finally became engaged in educational and scientific pursuits. In 1877 he became Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Public Schools of Louisville . . . . He is an accomplished scholar, scientist, and writer." [Fannie Porter Dickey (ed.), Blades o' Bluegrass: Choice Selections of Kentucky Poetry, Biographical Sketches and Portraits of Authors 304 (Louisville: John P. Morton & Company, 1892)] [online text]


William J. Davis, The American Primer: Pictures and Words for Teaching Little Children to Read and Write (Louisville: John P. Morton and Co., 1874)

____________, Kentucky Fossil Corals: A Monograph of the Fossil Corals of the Silurian and Devonian Rocks of Kentucky (Frankfort, Kentucky: Kentucky Geological Survey, 1885)(1920)

____________ (ed.), The Partisan Rangers of the Confederate States Army (Louisville, Kentucky: G.G. Fetter Co., 1904)

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