Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Leonard Doughty

(1865- )
Kentucky & Texas

Leonard Doughty was born in Tennessee and lived in Kentucky until 1879. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1888 and practiced law until 1920, upon his retirement. He first wrote poetry and prose criticism while a student. His poetry is published in various periodicals. He lived in San Antonio.

[Source: Hilton Ross Greer & Florence Elberta Barns (eds.) New Voices of the Southwest 233 (Dallas: Tardy Publishing Co., 1934) [In the New Voices of the Southwest biographical entry we are told that Doughty published a volume of original verse, as well as translations of the poetry of Heinrich Heine, and had ready for publication (at the time of the bio), a volume of literary criticism. We find no such publications for Leonard Doughty in OCLC.] [Florence Elberta Barns, in Texas Writers of Today 157 (Dallas: Tardy Publishing Co., 1935) notes that Doughty also lived in California and that his verse was published in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse.)


Lyman Winstead Grant, The Life and Work of Leonard Doughty, Master's thesis, Texas A& M University, 1979

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