Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Arthur Lloyd Douglas


Arthur Douglas was born at Crestline, Kansas, February 27, 1893, the son of George Washington and Thula (Ellis) Douglas. He attended the University of Kansas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the U.S. Naval Aviation school. He was employed—as of 1938—as Unemployment Compensation Advisor in Kansas. His poetry was anthologized in Modern American Poetry (1935)(1936)(1937), Paebar (1936), Our Western Poets and appeared in newspapers and magazines. He lived in Emporia, Kansas.

[Source: The Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Poets: The Who's Who of American Poets 129 (New York: Avon House, 1938)] [The Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Poets indicates that Douglas had, "in preparation," a collection of his verse, titled Ravelings. We find no listing for such a title in OCLC.]