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Divie Bethune Duffield


Walter Buell, "DetroitBiographical SketchesD. Bethune Duffield, James McMillan, Russell A. Alger," 4 (1) Magazine of Western History Illustrated 116 (May 1886)

"D. Bethune Duffield, son of Rev. George Duffield and Isabella Graham Duffield, was born in Carlisle, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, where he resided until their removal to Philadelphia. He graduated at the Yale Law School in 1842 and was admitted to the practice of his profession at Detroit, Michigan, the following year. He took an active part in the establishment of the free common school system in Detroit and served as President of the Board of Education for some time. Besides his efforts along education and literary lines, he excelled as a lecturer. His poems were the spontaneous productions, performed in the midst of an active professional life. Among his poems might be mentioned 'The Maid of Chamouni,' 'The Sounding Sea,' and 'A Sabbath Sunset Prayer.'"

[C.L. Martzoloff (ed.), Poems on Ohio 174-175 (Columbus, Ohio: F.J. Heer Printing Co., 1911)(including the poem, "Anniversary Ode")] [According to one source, Duffield was born August 29, 1821. He was reputedly, an "accomplished scholar in ancient and modern languages . . . ." Duffield practiced law with George V.N. Lothrop, who later served as U.S. minister to Russia. Duffield's poetry appeared in various periodicals including Knickerbockers. He died in Detroit, Michigan in 1891.] [Source: E. Cora, DePuy, typescript titled, "List of Authors and Poets of Michigan," p. 12, made available to James R. Elkins by the Library of Michigan, Lansing, Michigan] [The typescript was, according to a library reference, prepared in 1918.] [A Duffield poem: Poem]

Duffield Family


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Orations & Lectures

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