Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

(Thomas) Murrell Edmunds


Murrell Edmunds was born on March 23, 1898 at Halifax, Virginia. He received an LL.B. degree in 1921 from the University of Virginia. In 1922 he became deputy clerk in corporation and circuit courts in Lynchburg, Virginia. He then entered private practice and became assistant Commonwealth's attorney for Campbell County, Virginia from 1923-1926. In 1926 he was a lecturer in business law at the Extension Service, University of Virginia. Edmunds abandoned his legal practice and his work as a prosectuor to become an author of short stories, novellas, novels, plays, and poetry.


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_____________, Sojourn among Shadows (Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton, Printers, 1936)

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_____________, Moon of My Delight (New York: Yoseloff, 1960)

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_____________, Reservoir (South Brunswick, [New Jersey]: A.S. Barnes, 1969)

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Murrell Edmunds Papers
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