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Harry Stillwell Edwards


"Author and journalist Harry Stillwell Edwards was born in Macon, Georgia. His formal education cut short by the Civil War, but he read extensively in the Library of Congress while working as a clerk in the U.S. Treasury. He returned home to Macon in 1874, studied law and was admitted to the bar, but never actively practiced because of his desire to write. His first short story, 'Elder Brown's Backslide,' appeared in Harper's Monthly in 1886. Numerous other stories followed; these stories were eventually collected and published in book form. His first novel, Sons and Fathers (a mystery), was written in 1895. Another popular mystery, Marbeau Cousins, was published soon afterwards. Meanwhile, Edwards had become owner and editor of the Macon Telegraph, where he published a regular column called 'What Comes Down My Creek.' This column was very popular and he continued publishing it for the rest of his life. But Edwards' most popular work was a story called 'Eneas Africanus,' which first appeared in the Macon Evening News (of which he was also part owner and co-editor). Eneas Africanus was subsequently published as a book and has sold over three million copies. Edwards remained a well-liked public figure both at home and on the lecture circuit. He died in Macon October 22, 1938. His rustic home, Kingfisher Cabin, was later restored and placed on the grounds of Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon."

[This extended quotation was prepared by and appears with the gracious permission of Ed Jackson, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia and is reprinted here from the Institute's This Day in Georgia History] [Book titles and periodicals have been italicized]

Harry Stillwell Edwards

Harry Stillwell Edwards
Souther Writers: A New Biographical Dictionary

Camp Wheeler
Macon, Georgia


Mammy's Li'l' Boy (1888) -- A Fence Corner Oration (1889) -- Coming from the Fields (1889) -- A Georgia Philosopher (1897)


"Minc"-a Plot (1888) -- A Born Inventor (1889) -- Brother Sim's Mistake
(1889) -- The Rival Souls (1889) -- Tom's Strategy (1889) -- How Sal Came Through -- (1890) -- Charlie and the Possum (1892) -- Uncle Ben and Old Henry (1893) -- Captain Jerry (1894) -- Isam and the Major (1894) -- The Gum Swamp Debate (1895) -- The Hard Trigger (1895) -- Mas' Craffud's Freedom (1896) --The White Spider (1896) -- A Helping Hand (1898) -- William Marsdal's Awakening (1898) -- The Woodhaven Goat (1899) --The Limerick Tigers (1899)



The First Female College

Eneas Africanus

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