Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Charles Edwards

New York

"A New York lawyer who was counsel to the British consulate."

[Oscar Fay Adams, A Dictionary of American Authors 114 (Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1899)]

Poetry (and Prose)

Charles Edwards, Feathers From My Own Wings (New York: William Stodart, 1832) [online text]


Charles Edwards, The Antique Statues (New York: Printed by Osborn & Buckingham, 1830)("Lectures delivered at the National Academy of Design, New York")

_____________, The Juryman's Guide Throughout the State of New-York and Containing General Matter for the Lawyer and Law Officer (New York: O. Halsted, 1831)

_____________, A Practical Treatise on Parties to Bills and Other Pleadings in Chancery with Precedents (New York: Gould, Banks, 1832)

_____________, Texas and Coahuila with an Exposition of the Last Colonization Law, (28th day of April, 1832)(New York: Sold by A. Decamp, Osborn & Buckingham, printers, 1834)

_____________, On Receivers in Chancery with Precedents (New York: Printed for the author, 1839)(New York: Banks, Gould, 1846)

_____________, The History and Poetry of Finger-rings (New York: J.W. Lovell Co., 1854)(New-York: Redfield, 1855)(New York: A.C. Armstrong, 1880)(New York: Pollard & Moss, 1880)(1804)(New York: Pollard & Moss, 1889)(New York: J.W. Lovell, 1894)

_____________, On Receivers in Equity and Under the New York Code of Procedure with Precedents (New York: J.S Voorhies, 1857)

_____________, The Law and Practice of Referees under the New York Code and Statutes Generally: applicable to the new practice in the states of Missouri, California, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Alabama, Minnesota, Oregon, and the island of Newfoundland (Albany: W.C. Little, 1860)

_____________, A Practical Treatise on the Stamp-Act of July 1st, 1862, and Amendatory Statutes (New York: J.S. Voorhies, 1863)

_____________, Pleasantries about Courts and Lawyers of the State of New York (New York: Richardson, 1867)

_____________ (reporter), New York Chancery Reports [1814-1847] (New York: Albany, Banks & Brothers, Annotated ed., 1887)(16 vols.)(Edward's Chancery reports, vol. 1 (4) to vol. 14)

_____________, The New York Hooroarer: a story of newspaper enterprise, containing a visit to the infernal regions and return (New York: Humboldt Pub. Co., 2nd ed., 1893)

_____________, A Comic Journey to Washington ([New York]: [Edwards], 1894)


Catalogue of the Miscellaneous Library of the Late Charles Edwards ... to be sold by auction ... Nov. 20 & 21 (New York, 1868)