Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

William DeLancey Ellwanger

New York

--"lawyer and poet"

[source: Centennial History of Rochester, New York 125
(Rochester, New York: Rochester Historical Society, 1948)]

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"William Delancey Ellwanger was the only son to survive his father. Born in 1854, he was educated at Yale and in Germany, and graduated from Albany Law School. He practiced law in Rochester until his death in 1913.

William Ellwanger, like his brothers, was of a literary turn. He was an authority on oriental rugs and wrote The Oriental Rug (New York, 1903, London, 1904)." [Alma Burner Creek, A Family Story: The Ellwanges and the Barrys, 35 University of Rochestr Library Bulletin (1982)(online text of the article)]

William De Lancey Ellwanger "was born in Rochester on Sept. 27, 1855, was graduated from Yale in 1876, and admitted to the bar in 1878. On May 10, 1877, he married Laura Seldon of Rochester. Mr. Ellwanger was a member of the Manhattan Club of New York and the Genesee Valley Club of Rochester." [Obituary, New York Times, Feb. 18, 1913]

[It is of some minor interest that the NY Times obituary was published the same date and column as the obituary of Joaquin Miller, the lawyer-poet known as the "Poet of the Sierras." Miller's obituary is titled: "Poet of the Sierras, Joaquin Miller, Dies -- His Body to be Burned on Pyre at Mountain Home and Ashes Borne by Winds. -- A Picturesque Pioneer -- And for Last 25 Years a Philosophical Hermit--Author of "Songs of Sun-land" Won Fame in London."]


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Beautiful Rugs and Oriental Carpets; from the famous collection of W. D. Ellwanger ... To be sold by auction Friday afternoon and evening December 13, 1912 ... On public exhibition ... in The Anderson Galleries (New York: Metropolitan Art Assoc., [1912])


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