Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Charles H.A. Esling
Charles Henry Augustine Esling


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Charles H.A. Esling, Melodies of Mood and Tense
(Philadelphia: Charles H. Walsh 1894)

Charles Esling was born on January 21, 1845, to one of the oldest Catholic familes in the United States. Esling is, according to M.F. Egan, "a lawyer of prominence, a scholar, a fine linguist and a careful collector of historical data touching on the history of the Catholic Church in America. He is a member of serveral of the learned societies and clubs, including the University Club, in which, as a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Laws of two of the oldest and most respected colleges in the country, he holds an honored place. He was also co-found and first president of the 'Pegasus,' a poet's club of Philadelphia. Interested in athletics, an accomplished oarsman and equestrian, one can trace in the many interests of his everyday life the versatility so evident and charming in his poems and lectures." [Source: M.F. Egan, Charles H.A. Esling Esq, The American Catholic Historical Researches 3, 4 (June, 1893)(vol. 10)] [See also, Lewis Randolph Hamersly, Who's Who in Pennsylvania 210 (New York: L.R. Hamersly Co., 1904)]

Charles Henry Augustine Esling


Charles H.A. Esling, Melodies of Mood and Tense (Philadelphia: Charles H. Walsh, 1894) [online text]