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George Hamilton Ethridge


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George Hamilton Ethridge, Essays and Poems
(Jackson, Mississippi: [n.p.], 1924)

George H. Ethridge was born in Kemper County, Mississippi. He grew up in Rio, Mississippi and attended public schools in Kemper County, Mississippi and the Iron Springs Institute in Neshoba County, Mississippi and Linden Academy in Linden, Tennessee. He taught school for two years in Kemper and Lauderdale counties and then took up the study of law in the office of his cousin, W.N. Ethridge at Meridian, Mississippi. (Another cousin, J.M. McBeath, was also associated with the office.) He was admitted to the bar in 1896 and began the practice of law in Meridian, Mississippi. In 1898, Ethridge, in partnership with James Hector Currie, opened a law office in De Kalb, Mississippi. Two years later, Currie was elected district attorney and the partnership was dissolved. Ethridge continued his law practice in De Kalb until 1911, serving one term, 1904-1906 in the state legislature. Ethridge moved his law practice to Meridian and was appointed assistant attorney general in 1913 and held this position until 1917. He was elected as an Associate Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court in 1916 and served on the Court until 1941.

Ethridge was a member of the Masonic Order, and served as master of De Kalb Lodge, No. 64, having worked through the degrees in the Scottish Rite and holding membership in theJackson Consistory.

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____________________, Essays and Poems (Jackson, Mississippi: [n.p.], 1924)


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Writings: Articles

George H. Ethridge, The Lawyer as a Civic Factor, 1 J. Marshall L.Q. 97 (1935)