Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Edward Bertram Finck


Louisville, Kentucky lawyer & author

"FINCK, EDWARD BERTRAM. Lawyer. He was born in Louisville, Ky., October 16, 1870, a son of C.H. and Elizabeth Jacobs Finck and was educated in private schools. His writings are cast in the philosophic mold but are characterized by the poetic touch." [Lucian Lamar Knight (ed.), Library of Southern Literature 146 (New Orleans: The Martin & Hoyt Co., 1910)(Vol. 15)]

Prose Poetry

Bert Finck, Pebbles (Louisville: J.P. Morton & Co., 1899)(collection of aphorisms and maxims)

________, Webs (Louisville: Press of John P. Morton & Company, 1900)(short sketches and aphorisms on the conduct of life)(described by one bookseller as "reveries and miniature essays and epigrams, some of which are quite poetic and philosohical."

________, Musings and Pastels (John P. Morton & Company, 1904)

________, Musings on the Lounge (Louisville: John P. Morton & Co., 1914)

________, Shadows on the Wall (Louisville: John P. Morton & Company, 1922)


Bert Finck, Plays (Louisville: Press of John P. Morton and Co., 1902)

________, "The Poet," "The House of Tragedy," "The Unwelcome Visitor" and "Remorse" [plays], in Shadows on the Wall (Louisville: John P. Morton & Company, 1922)

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Edward Bertrand Finck Papers
Filson Historical Society
Louisville, Kentucky