Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Carmine Fiorentino

(1933- )
Atlanta, Georgia

Carmine Fiorentino was born September 11, 1932, at Brooklyn, New York. He obtained LL.B. degrees from the Blackstone School of Law (Chicago, Illinois) in 1954 and from John Marshall School of Law (Atlanta, Georgia) in 1957. He worked as a legal stenographer and legal researcher in Atlanta in the later part of the 1950s, and then engaged in private law practice in Atlanta from 1959 to 1963. He was, at various times, associated with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and from 1963 to 1974 served as legal counsel to Peachtree Federal Credit Union. His entry in the International Who's Who in Poetry and Poet's Encyclopedia indicates that he was an "author of non-fiction and poetry." We have, to date, located nothing of Carmine Fiorentino's work. [See: Denis McIntire, International Who's Who in Poetry and Poet's Encyclopedia 176 (10th ed., 2001/2002)] [For a lawsuit brought by Fiorentino in the U.S. Court of Claims, detailing previous criminal charges against him, charges for which he was acquitted, see Fiorentino v. United States, 607 F.2d 963 (Ct.Cl. 1979).] [According to records maintained by the Georgia Bar Association, Fiorentino is now deceased.]