Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Henry Lee Fisher


York, Pennsylvania, lawyer and poet

[Source: Description Note, H.L Fisher papers, York County Heritage Trust,
Library and Archives, York, Pennsylvania]

Herny Lee Fisher
Earl C. Haag, A Pennsylvania German Anthology


Henry Lee Fisher, Olden Times: Or, Pennsylvania Rule Life, Some Fifty Years Ago, & Other Poems (York, Pennsylvania: Fisher Bros, 1888)

_____________, Kurzweil und zeitfertreib, odder Pennsylfaanisch deutsche folks-lieder (York, Pennsylvania: Fischer bruder, 1882)


H.L. Fisher, An Historical Sketch of the Pennsylvania Germans: Their Ancestry, Character, Manners, Customs, Dialect, etc. (Chicago: F.A. Battey, 1885)

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