Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Michael Friedman
New York & California

Michael Friedman was born in New York in 1960 and grew up in Manhattan. He was educated at Columbia (B.A., 1982), Yale (M.A., English Literature, 1983) and Duke (J.D. , 1986). He was co-founder, in 1986, of the poetry journal Shiny and continued on as the journal's editor. Friedman is the author of six books of poetry, Species (The Figures, 2000), Arts & Letters (with drawings by Duncan Hannah, The Figures, 1996), Cameo (The Figures, 1994), Special Capacity (Intermezzo, 1992), Distinctive Belt (Mary House, 1985), and Celluloid City (with drawings by Jim Ringley)(Potato Clock Editions, 2003). His work has appeared in several anthologies, including Great American Prose Poems: From Poe to the Present (Scribner, 2003), and in including American Poetry Review and New American Writing. Friedman lived in Denver where he practiced law.

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