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George Bancroft Griffith (ed.), The Poets of Maine 476 (Portland, Maine, Elwell, Pickard & Co., 1888):

A native of Augusta, and a son of the late Frederic A. Fuller, Esq., a lawyer of that city. Melville was born, Feb. 11, 1833, and prepared himself, by a course of self-education, for Bowdoin College, graduating in 1853 with distinguished honor. He began the practice of law in his native city, and was an associate editor of The Age. He was President of the Common Council, and City Solicitor; but soon removed to Chicago. So well did he perform his duties as a man of business that, in 1861, he was elected to the State constitutional convention, and in the year following to the General Assembly. He was a member of the Democratic national convention in 1864, and in 1872 of the Baltimore Democratic convention. Mr. Fuller has cultivated literary tastes, as shown in lectures and poems before college and other societies.

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Melville Fuller

Melville W. Fuller Reconsidered
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The Fuller Court, 1888-1910
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