Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

James William Gazlay


James William Gazlay "lawyer, was born in New York City. Admitted to the bar in 1809, he moved to Cincinnati in 1813. He practiced law in Cincinnati and served two years as editor of the weekly Western Tiller." [William Coyle (ed.), Ohio Authors and Their Books 238 (Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1962)] [Used with the gracious permission of the Ohioana Library Association]


J.W. Gazlay, Sketches of Life and Social Relations, with Other Poems (Cincinnati: Printed for the author's private use, 1860),


J.W. Gazlay, Report of the case of Thomas Graham ... (Cincinnati: Curcier, 1821)

_________, Races of Mankind: With Travels in Grubland(Cincinnati, [1856]

[According to Coyle, in the brief bio of Gazlay, parts of Races of Mankind may have been written by Gazlay's son, Allen W. Gazlay. The book was published in the pen name, Captain Broadbeck.]

_________, Political Questions (Cincinnati, 1861)

_________, Reconstruction of the Southern States (Cincinnati: Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin, 1865)

_________, Scraps from Laws of New Creation . . . (Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co., 1867)

__________, Imagination (Cincinnati : Privately printed, 1868)