Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

William Belcher Glazier

Maine & Ohio

"Born in Hallowell, June 29, 1827, and son of Franklin Glazier, Esq., a member of the old and well-known firm of Glazier, Masters & Smith, booksellers and publishers. William entered Harvard University in 1844, and, on graduating in 1847, returned to Hallowell, and read law in the office H.W. Paine, Esq. He was admitted to the bar in 1850, and opened a law office in Newcastle, where he remained three years, when he again returned to his native city. He removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1855, and practiced law there until his death, which occurred in November, 1870. A volume of Mr. Glazier's poetry was published in Hallowell, in 1853. Many of these pieces originally appeared in the Knickerbocker Magazine, of which he was a highly esteemed contributor."

[George Bancroft Griffith (ed.), The Poets of Maine 366 (Portland, Maine: Elwell, Pickard & Co., 1888)][Glazier died on October 25, 1870. See William Coyle (ed.), Ohio Authors and Their Books 246 (Cleveland: World Publishing Co., 1962)]

William Cullen Bryant, another lawyer poet, included Glazier's "Cape-Cottage at Sunset" in The Family Library of Poetry and Song 372 (New York: Fords, Howard, and Hulbert, rev. & enl., 1886)(1880):

Cape-Cottage at Sunset

We stood upon the ragged rocks,
   When the long day was nearly done;
The waves had ceased their sullen shocks,
   And lappe our feet with murmuring tone,
And o'er the bay in steaming locks
   Blew the red tresses of the sun.

Along the west the golden bars
   Still to a deeper glory grew;
Above our heads the faint, few stars
   Looked out from the unfathomed blue:
And the fair city's clamorous jars
   Seemed melted in that evening hue.

O sunset sky! O purple tide!
   O friends to friends that closer pressed!
Those glories have in darkness died,
   And ye have left my longing breast.
I could not keep you by my side,
   Nor fix that radiance in the west.

[Glazier's poems, the number of which we have not ascertained, can also be found in H. K. Baker (ed.), Hallowell Book: [Poems] (Hallowell [Me.]: Register Press, 1902)]


William Belcher Glazier, Poems (Hallowell [Maine]: Masters, Smith and Company, 1853) [online text]