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Robert Grant


"Grant, Robert (Boston, Jan. 24, 1852). He is the son of Patrick and Charlotte Boardman (Rice) Grant, his father having been a merchant in Boston. His grandfather, a Scotsman, settled in Boston in 1800 and married a daughter of the Hon. Jonathan Mason, a United States Senator. Robert was educated at the Boston Latin School and at Harvard university, where he was graduated in 1873 and was the class poet. He took a post-graduate course in philology, received the degree of Ph.D. in 1876, and three years in the law School, that of LL.B. in 1879.

After practising law in Boston several years, he became a member of the Board of Water Commissioners and in 1889 its chairman. In 1893 he was chosen Judge of the Probate Court and Court of Insolvency for Suffolk County, Mass., . . . . He has been, since 1895, an overseer of Harvard University.

Judge Grant began his literary work when in college, and has kept it up throughout his official career . . . ."

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