Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

W.C. Griffith


Rev. W.C. Griffith, of Hagerstown is a lawyer, poet, author, lecturer, and a minister of the Methodist Episcooal Church. [source: Denton Journal (Maryland), Sept. 29, 1900]

Rev, Griffith, who retired as a Methodist minister, died at age 70. He had served pastorates in Maryland and Virginia, and for a time, had practiced law in Hagerstown and Baltimore county. He was the founder of the Blue Ridge Outlook, a weekly publication of brief existence. During his practice of law he conducted a number of cases against saloon keepers. He was author of several works of fiction and philosophy. He also lectured on the experiences of a West Virginia Circuit Rider. [Mineral Daily News, April 26, 1913][as transcribed and posted on the web]


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