Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Andrew Augustus Gunby


A. A. Gunby was a Monroe, Louisiana lawyer, orator, poet, author, educator, and politician. He served as a judge on the Louisiana Appeals Court from 1881 to 1892 and was a founder of the Louisiana Chautauqua.


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_________, Solution of the Southern Question: Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (Monroe, Louisiana: Telegraph Print, 1889)

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_________, Two Addresses on Negro Education in the South (New Orleans: H.C. Thomason, 1895)(New Orleans: H.C. Thomason, 1903)

_________, Colonel John Gunby of the Maryland Line: being some account of his contribution to American liberty (Cincinnati: R. Clarke Co., 1902)

_________, Life and Services of David French Boyd (New Orleans: T.H. Thomason, 1904)

_________, Louisiana Chautauqua Memorial ([n. p.]: 1908)

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