Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Klein Kinzer Haddaway

(1893 -1980)

Clergyman, lawyer, college professor

Klein Haddaway was born in Vienna, Maryland, May 2, 1893, the son of George Washington and Amelia (Martin) Haddaway. He was educated at George Washington University, the University of Maryland, Westmisnster Theological University, John Hopkins University, Yale University, and Harvard University. He obtained A.B., LL.B., and B.D. degrees. His poetry was anthologized in Crown Anthology (1938) and appeared in various newspapers and magazines. He served as Vice President of the Boston Browning Society, and was a member of the Mt. Olivet Literary Club, Winthrop Club, and the Twentieth Century Club. He lived in Arlington, Virginia.

In the Passing

All things pass away:
The hurrying hour of day,
The fading sun's last ray,
The final word we say.

But in the passing, there
Is experience rare.
A thrill each passing hour
Beings; renewed power

Is in the fading ray
Of every passing day;
And in each final world
Is the holy truth of God

[Source: The Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Poets: The Who's Who of American Poets 201 (New York: Avon House, 1938)]


Klein Kinzer Haddaway, The Soul's Outreach to God: Poems and Prayers as Expressions of the Soul in Outreach to God (Nashville: Parthenon Press, 1972)