Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Edgar Aaron Hahn


Edgar Hahn was Cleveland lawyer. He was involved in various aspects of Cleveland community work and was a member of The Rowfant Club (a Cleveland book collector's club).

Our only evidence, to date, that Hahn was a poet, comes by way of a poem tribute to Irene Moss Hahn (known as "Muddle"), printed in Abba Hillel Silver, 'Muddle': 1884-1939 (In Memoriam Iren Moss Hahn Affectionately known to her friends as Muddle. Privately Printed in Cleveland, Ohio by Horace Carr at The Printing Press, 1939) [Source: Library of James R. Elkins]

There is a Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Jurisprudence chair at Case Western Reserve law school.


Edgar A. Hahn, Edward Coke (Cleveland: The Rowfant Club, 1949)

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