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Swinburne Hale

New York

Swinburne Hale was born in Ithaca, New York. His father, William Gardner Hale was a classical scholar, one of the founders of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, and the first director. He later headed the Latin Department at the University of Chicago. Hale obtained his A.B. from Harvard University in 1905 and his law degree from Harvard in 1908. He took up the practice of law in New York City with the firm Masten and Nichols and was later a founding member of the law firm, Ehlerman, Hale and Wright. In the late 1910s, he founded another firm, Hale, Nelles and Schorr. Hale was socialist activist and lawyer for the Communist Party.

[Source: Swinburne Hale Papers, Manuscripts and Archives Division, New York Public Library; Archivist Note, Ralph M. Pearson Papers, University of New Mexico]


Swinburne Hale, The Demon's Notebook: Verse and Perverse (New York: N.L. Brown, 1923)


Alfred Bettman & Swinburne Hale, Do We Need More Sedition Laws?: Testimony of Alfred Bettman and Swinburne Hale before the Committee on Rules of the House of Representatives (New York: American Civil Liberties Union, 1920)

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