Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Abraham Oakey Hall

New York City

"Abraham Oakey Hall, a nervous, sparkling little man who had a pool-shark's touch with the electorate, delighted New York with his purple rhetoric and his gaudy elegance. He was a politician, playwright (the heart-toaster, Let Me Kiss Him for His Mother, was one of his plays enjoyed by New York theatregoers), journalist, lawyer, poet, clubman, lecturer, humorist, and humbug." [Alexander B. Callow, Jr., Tweed Built, 16 (6) American Heritage Magazine (October, 1965)][online text]

According to a New York Times article, Hall was a lawyer, poet, journalist, writer of farces and dramas, literary critic. He was elected Mayor of New York in 1868. [source: New York Times, Oct. 24, 1956]

[Other sources indicate that Hall was a graduate of NYU, district attorney for New York, joined Tammany Hall and was mayor of New York City 1868-1872, during which time he was charged for covering up for the infamous Tweed Ring. He conducted his own defense and was acquitted of the Tweed Ring charges. He was later involved with the newspaper industry.]

A. Oakey Hall

Abraham Oakey Hall (1826-1898)


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