Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Thomas Harminson Hall

(18th century)
North Carolina

Tarboro, North Carolina lawyer
practiced law in the Wake County court in the 1780s

[See: Elizabeth Reid Murray, Wake Capital County of North Carolina 89 (Capital County Pub. Co., 1933)]

"He represented Edgecombe in the State Convention but never afterwards attempted to hold office. He was a lawyer of some eminence and would have been a shining character if a strong poetical genius had not almost led him away from his professional studies. His poems are now probably lost, but they were sufficient to form a handsome volume.

. . . [H]e was quite conversant with the Latin classics. He especially enjoyed writing satires and, often while his opponent was speaking in a case, he would occupy his time in evolving satirical verses." [Gaston Lichtenstein, Four Articles 9 (Richmond, Virginia: M.T. Ezekiel, Book and Job Printer, 1911)] [online text]