Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Cyrus Wadsworth Hart



Cyrus Wadsworth Hart, Selections from the Philosophical, Polemical, Amatory, Moral, and other Works of Cyrus Wadsworth Hart, the lawyer and the preacher partly in Prose, and partly in Verse (Cincinnati: S.W. Johns, 1844)(Philadelphia: L.R. Bailey, Printer, 2nd ed., 1845)


Cyrus Wadsworth Hart, A Dialogue between a Christian and a Deist
to which are added Reflections upon the causes and effects of the late
war between the United States and Great-Britain
(Hartford [Connecticut]:
Printed by B. & J. Russell, 1815)

_________________, Colloquy between two deists on the immortality of the soul ; and a Dialogue between a Christian and a deist on Revelation (Poughkeepsie [New York]: Barnum and Nelson, printers, 1816)

_________________, Two Epistles addressed to the departed spirit of a citizen, late of Berlin, Connecticut on some occurrences relating to the author, on Deism, and on Universalism, &c. (Pittsfield [Massachusetts]: Printed by Phinehas Allen, 1817)

___________________, Disputations, Essays, and Pieces, chiefly Theological and Moral: to which is prefixed an account of the author's life during his first twenty-two years, with an appendix (Middletown, Connecticut: Clark & Lyman, amended ed., 1818)

_________________, Political Dissertations and Essays, and a third and concluding epistle to a departed spirit with remarks on the common law adjudication, of the incompetence of witnesses on account of a species of scepticism or unbelief (Newlisbon [Ohio]: Published by the author, William D. Lepper, printer, 1819)

___________________, A Love Touch, for the consideration of both sexes, throughout the world. To which are added, some ideas upon music and virtue (Philadelphia: Printed for the author by J. Richard, 1829)(Steubenville [Ohio]: Printed by J. Wilson, 1831)

__________________, Essay on Industry, and Theopholis Radclipp and Emma Jones. A tale (Steubenville: Printed by J. Wilson, 1833)

___________________, Colloquy on the Immortality of the Soul,
with an essay on prudence. To which is added a love touch
(Steubenville, Ohio: J. Wilson, 1830)(1831)(Essay on industry, and biographical sketches of Theopholus Radclipp and Emma Jones)(Steubenville: Printed by James Wilson, 1835)

___________________, Imaginary Debate, on the question, "Can one fall violently in love with a damsel rationally at first sight?" with other pieces in verse, chiefly in honor of women (Boston: [s.n.], F.A.G. Nicholson, 1839)

___________________, Essay on Industry (Philadelphia: E.E. Barclay, 1849)