Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Caleb Augustus Haviland
aka Frank Myrtle

New York

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C. Augustus Haviland, A Lawyer's Idle Hours
(Brooklyn, New York: The author, 1902)

"C. Augustus Haviland, poet, philosopher, lawyer, and business man, for many years has been prominent in affairs in Brooklyn. Mr. Haviland was born in that city November 23, 1832, and was educated in the public schools. In 1847 he went to Poughkeepsie, where he studied law with Dodge & Campbell and Jackson & Williamson. He was admitted to the bar in 1854, and for three years practised law in that city. He then went to Iowa, and in 1868 to Chicago. In 1876 Mr. Haviland returned to Brooklyn and established with his sons the law and real estate firm of Haviland & Sons, in Brooklyn. Mr. Haviland always has taken a keen interest in all matters of civic and national interest. He is a poet of some note, and a volume of his verses, under the title of 'A Lawyer's Idle Hours,' has been published. These poems, the product of the idle hours of a half century, were written under the non de plume of Frank Myrtle. In 1902 they were gathered into an attractive volume." [Samuel S. Wyer, A Lawyer Poet, 22 Case & Comment 890 (1915-16)]

C. Augustus Haviland — 'In His Eighty-fifth Year'

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C. Augustus Haviland, Prophetic of the Future: War Lyrics 1914 to 1917
(Brooklyn, New York: From the Press of J.W. Gummison & Company, [1917])


C. Augustus Haviland, Prophetic of the Future: War Lyrics, 1914-1917 (Brooklyn, New York: Press of J.W. Gummison & Co., [1917])

C.L. Spencer (Frank Myrtle pseud.), The Poems of Frank Myrtle: Including The Land of Shadows and The American Melodies (Nashville: Published for the Author, by J.B. M'Ferrin, 1858) [online text]

C. Augustus Haviland, A Lawyer's Idle Hours; Sentiment-Satire-Humor-Life- Death-Glory; a half Century Under the Nom-de-plume Frank Myrtle (Brooklyn, New York: The author, 1902) [online text] (Brooklyn, New York: the Author, 1914)(Author's Special Edition)(Author's complimentary edition which consists of A Lawyer's Idle Hours and poetry written after its 1902 publication.)

_________________, Supplement to "A Lawyer's Idle Hours" ([Brooklyn, New York: C.A. Haviland, 1918])

Note: My thanks to Ginny Buechele, Pleasant Valley, New York, for the interesting information she provided about Caleb Augustus Haviland, and for the scanned image of Haviland from A Lawyer's Idle Hours.

22 Case & Comment 890 (1915-16)