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John Milton Hay


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John Hay was born in Salem, Indiana in 1938. He studied at Brown Univerity and began the practice of law in the law office of Milton Hay, Springfield, Illinois in 1861. During the Civil War he fought with the Union, held the rank of colonel, and served as private secretary to Abraham Lincoln. After the war, Hay assumed various diplomatic posts in Paris, Vienna, and Madrid, and was appointed ambassador to Great Britain. He was U.S. Secretary of State from 1898 to 1905 in the administrations of Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt.

The following John Hay chronology is a verbatim rendition of a Biographical Note, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.:

1838 , Oct. 8 Born, Salem, Ind.
1858 Graduated, Brown University, Providence, R.I.
1859 Entered law office of Milton Hay, Springfield, Ill.
1861 - 1864 Assistant private secretary to Abraham Lincoln
1864 - 1865 Assistant adjutant general in the United States army
1865 - 1867 Secretary of American legation, Paris, France
1867 - 1868 Charge d'affaires, Vienna, Austria
1869 - 1870 Secretary of American legation, Madrid, Spain
1870 - 1875 Editorial writer, New York Tribune
1874 Married Clara Louise Stone (died 1914)
1879 - 1881 Assistant secretary of state
1881 Editor, New York Tribune
1897 - 1898 Ambassador to Great Britain
1898 - 1905 Secretary of state
1905 , July 1 Died, Lake Sunapee, N.H.


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Early American Collection
University of Virginia


[Jim Bludso of the Prairie Belle] [Jim Bludso of the Prairie Belle] [The Mystery of Gilgal] [Hymn of the Knights Templars] [Liberty] [The Surrender of Spain] [Christine] [Pike County Ballads] [Little Breeches] [Little Breeches] [The Stirrup-Cup] [Good Luck and Bad Luck] [Mystery of Gilgal]


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Charleston Gazette
June 20, 1936, p. 11

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