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David Fletcher Hunton

Massachusetts & Michigan

The following biographical information, atttributed to the subject himself, is quoted from the Grand Haven Daily Tribune obiturary of December 6-7, 1915:

Judge David Fletcher Hunton, was born upon a farm, in a little township of Unity, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, about the year A. D. 1829.  His parents, Erastus and Clarissa Fletcher Hunton, having been married in January A. D. 1828.  He was the oldest of a family of three children, and the only boy.  He attended the Common district School of Unity, and New Port, New Hampshire for several years; and at the age of thirteen, entered the "Innocent Caezar Seminary," then near Kleene, N. H..  At the age of fifteen, he commenced teaching school in Massachusetts, in the winter time; and for several winters thereafter followed this vocation both in Massachusetts and New Hampshire; and in this way obtained the means for obtaining a Liberal Education before he was twenty-one years of age.

Mr. Hunton commenced the study of Law, in Bethel, Vt. And was after examination in open Court, and upon motion of General Benjamin F. Butler, was admitted to the bar of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, A. D. 1857.  Mr. Hunton then commenced the practice of Law, in Lowell, Mass.; and for four years thereafter, continued such practice, in all courts of that state.  Mr. Hunton came to this place in 1866; where for many years he had a successful practice; and at one time erected and owned a beautiful residence, and acre of property in the Third Ward of this City.

[Source: obituary attributed to the Grand Haven Daily Tribute]

The obituary goes on to note: "Mr. Hunton has honorably filled several official places of trust, both in Massachusetts and in this state, among which we may name school director, city attorney and judge of our city police court for four years and Notary Public for about forty years.  He has also held the office of justice of the peace for two terms in Lowell, Mass. Prior to 1860.  He at one time in Vermont, held a commission as postmaster and served for four years under former president Franklin Pierce.  As a writer of verse, Mr. Hunton has for many years had more than local reputation. . . .

In Hunton's old house on the sand dune overlooking Lake Michigan there are countless poems stowed away in receptacles of all descriptions.  These have never been published."

Hunton spent nearly half a century living in Michigan where he practiced law and wrote his poetry.

David Fletcher Hunton
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