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Ethan Allen Hurst


According to genealogical records, E.A. Hurst was born February 29, 1856 at Clairborne Co., Tennessee. On July 27, 1882 he married Ollie Carr, who was born about 1862 at Claiborne Co. Hurst died in 1931 at Grapevine, Texas. He was a law partner in Tazewell, Tennessee with Thomas Wesley Stone.

Hurst's parents were Isaac M. Hurst and Fannie B. Stone. They were married about 1855. Isaac Hurst was the son of Aaron Hurst and Sarah Sallie McNew, who was born July 17, 1828 in Claiborne Co., Tennessee. Fannie B. Stone, E.A. Hurst's mother, was born January 9, 1838 in Grainger Co., Tennessee and died on February 7, 1923 in Grapevine, Texas. (Hurst signs his author's preface to his only published book, Ad-Em-Nel-La and Other Poems, May, 1915, Hereford Texas.)

[Sources: Philips/Stone Scrapbook, a part of Joe Payne's Genealogy Homepage; Claiborne County Pioneer Project] [Another source gives E.A. Hurst's date of birth as February 29, 1854. See: Aaron Hurst genealogy page]


Ethan Allen Hurst, Ad-Em-Nel-La and Other Poems (Kansas City: Hudson Press, 1915) [online text]

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[reference to E.A. Hurst's law practice in the firm, Hurst & Stone, formed in the fall of 1885 at Tazewell, Tennessee with "practice in the courts of Claiborne County, and in the Supreme Court at Knoxville."]

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