Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Alfred W. Israelstam


We learned that Alfred Israelstam was an attorney and a poet by way of an obituary notice. Retired Chicago attorney Alfred W. Israelstam died April 15, 2005, at the age of 96. He was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1934, and at the time his sonnets were published, was practicing law in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Verses for the 21st Century was published when Israelstam was 88.

Alfred W. Israelstam obtained his PhD in 1931 and his J.D. in 1933 from the University of Chicago. He lived in Highland Park, Illinois and practiced law in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.


Alfred W. Israelstam, Verses for the 21st Century: Adam and Eve on the Internet (Evanston, Illinois: Chicago Spectrum Press, 1997)