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Josiah Stoddard Johnston


A.B. Lipscomb, The Commercial History of the Southern States. Kentucky. Covering the Post-Bellum Period. ([Louisville, Kentucky]: Press of J.P. Morton and Co., 1903)

"Josiah Stoddard Johnston, a lawyer, journalist, and political figure, was born on February 10, 1833, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved to Kentucky, after the death of his parents, to live with relatives. In 1854, he received a law degree from Yale and set up his law practice in Arkansas. He returned to Kentucky in 1859 to farm. He joined the Confederate Army, in 1862, and became a distinguished soldier, rising to the rank of Lieutentant Colonel. After the war, he returned to Arkansas. Johnston came back to Kentucky in 1867, becoming the editor of the Kentucky Yeoman. He was elected to political office, serving as Secretary of State from 1875-1879. Johnston moved to Louisville in 1889 and worked as an editor for the Louisville Courier-Journal. In 1893, Johnston became president of the Filson Club, serving in this capacity until his death in 1913."

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J. Stoddard Johnston Papers
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J. Stoddard Johnston Papers
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