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William Preston Johnston

Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana

William Preston Johnston was born in Louisville, Kentucky, the son of General Albert Sidney Johnston. His mother, Henrietta (Preston) Johnston), died when he was four, and he was raised by General William Preston and a relative of his mother's. He graduated from Yale in 1852, studied law at the University of Louisville, and took up the practice of law in Louisville.

During the Civil War, Johnston served as an aide-de-camp to Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate states.

After the war, Johnston became a professor at Washington and Lee University, where he was offered a chair of history and English literature by the university's president, General Robert E. Lee. Johnston chaired the Department of History and English Literature from 1867 to 1877. While at Washington and Lee he authored a biography of his father, The Life of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston (1878). In 1880 he became president of Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. He resigned three years later to become, in 1884, the first president of Tulane University of Louisiana in New Orleans. In his Louisiana days, Johnston published several volumes of poetry and contributed to the periodicals of the day. He died at Lexington, Virginia; he was the father of six children.

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William Preston Johnston (1831-1899)

William Preston Johnston

William Preston Johnston

Robert E. Lee Letter to Johnston

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