Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

David Morgan Jones


"David Morgan Jones, the lawyer-poet, was born in 1843, in the city of New York. Part of his boyhood he spent in Wales. He received his education in that country, at the Scranton High School, and at the Lewisburg University, where he was graduated in 1867. In the following year he was admitted to practice at the Union County bar, but soon removed his office to Wilkes-Barre . . . . Mr. Jones' course in literature has naturally been desultory. While possessing a pure quality of poetic talent, it is not often that he is permitted by the exigencies of his business to take from its dusty corner the well-beloved lyre, and charm an ideal moment with a song. As rapidly as they are produced, his poems have appeared in the Philadelphia Press and other city journals. In 1882, J.B. Lippincott & Company published Lethe and Other Poems, through which Mr. Jones is perhaps best known to the public. It had a rapid sale and the edition was soon exhausted. This volume, however, does not contain the best things he has written. He has done better work since for the Boston Pilot and other papers."

[Will S. Monroe, Poets and Poetry of the Wyoming Valley 8 (Scranton: Lackawanna Institute of History and Science, 1887)(Special Publication No. 2)(reprinted from The Saturday Argus)]


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