Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

James Athearn Jones

Massachusetts & New York

--novelist, poet, and folklorist

We find in the American National Biography bio that Jones "read for and practiced law in New York City (by 1822), and also found time to teach school and do some journalistic work (to 1827). A piece indicative of his legal erudition is 'A Digest of All the Criminal Cases, Which Have Been Decided in the Supreme Circuit, and District Courts of the United States, and in the Supreme Courts of the Several States, with a Few Decisions of the Court of Sessions for New York City.' This work was appended to A Digested Index of the Crown Law . . . by Harold Nuttall Tomplines (1823)."

For a biographical sketch of James Athearn Jones, see Rich. L. Pease, Memorial Biographies of the New England Historic Genealogical Society: 1853-1855 (New England Historica Genealogical Society, 1908)(vol.2).


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________________, The History of Julius Fitz-John (London: Sherwood, Neely & Jones, 1818)

________________, The Refugee: A Romance (New York: Wilder & Campbell, 1825)(2 vols.) [vol.1: online text]

________________, A Letter to an English Gentleman on the Libels and Calumnies on America by British Writers and Reviewers (Philadelphia: H.C. Carey & I. Lea, 1826)

________________, Tales of an Indian Camp (London: Henry Colburn & Richard Bentley, 1829)

________________, Traditions of the North American Indians (London: H. Colburn & R. Bentlye, 1830)(Rev. ed., 1830)(3 vols.) [vol.2: online text] (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Litetature House, 1970)

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________________, Biographical Memoir of Ichabod Norton of Edgartown, Mass (Boston: Coleridge and Wiley, Printers, 1848) [online text]

Biographical Profile

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