Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

John Pendleton Kennedy

Baltimore, Maryland

Evert A. & George L. Duyckinck, The Cyclopedia of American Literature 949
(Philadelphia: William Rutter & Co., 1880)(Vol. 1)

John Pendleton Kennedy, the first son of a Baltimore merchant, was born in Baltimore on October 25, 1795. His studies, interrupted by the War of 1812, were resumed after the war and he graduated from the College of Baltimore in 1812. He went on to study law and was admitted to the bar in 1816 and established a law practice. It has been said that "[h]e never grew fond of his profession, because his tastes were literary, and the office and the court-room proved too confining for him." [Mildred Lewis Rutherford, The South in History and Literature 126 (Atlanta: Franklin-Turner, 1907)(1906)]. In 1818 he undertook the editing of a small periodical, entered politics, and seems to have abandoned his legal career. He was elected to the Maryland legislature, then to Congress and became a prominent Whig party member. He served as Secretary of the Navy under President Fillmore and traveled throughout Europe meeting the literary people of his day.

[Source: Evert A. & George L. Duyckinck, The Cyclopedia of American Literature 949-950 (Philadelphia: William Rutter & Co., 1880)(Vol. 1)]

John Pendleton Kennedy
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John Pendleton Kennedy
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John Pendleton Kennedy
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John Pendleton Kennedy

John Pendleton Kennedy

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