Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Edwin Ethelbert Kidd

(1836- )

Edwin Kidd was born in Alabama on December 18, 1836. "After receiving his education at Talladega, young Edwin studied law, in which profession he has been actively engaged for the past thirty years. He is regarded as a fine criminal lawyer, and one of the most eloquent popular orators in Louisiana, to which state he came in 1867. Mr. Kidd has been a member of the Louisiana legislature for several years and was a delegate from the state at large to the St. Louis convention which nominated Tilden for the presidency. Mr. Kidd was captain in the confederate army, and was wounded in the battle of Mansfield. Capt. Kidd now resides at Ruston, La., where he is well known and highly respected. His poems have received quite a circulation, and two of his songs have been put to music."

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