Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Ernest Lacy


Ernest Lacy was born in Warren, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1863. His father, Barnet Lean Lacy was a lawyer who went bankrupt and died at an early age. Lacy and his brother, William Lacy, attended Hastings Academy in Philadelphia, and in 1878, the Lacy brothers took up the study of law.

After studying law, Lacy earned his living by tutoring students in bar examination preparation. This work would not, however sustain him, and with an interest in theatre he became a theatrical press agent and revised plays. Still later he became manager of two Philadelphia theaters and manager of the Paris Winter Circus. In 1892 he took a job in London as a drama coach. When he returned to Philadelphia he taught public speaking at a boy's high school and became a life-long resident of the city. He continued his work as a teacher at the boy's Central High School until his death in 1916.

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