Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Charlton Thomas Lewis

Pennsylvania & New York

"Charlton T. Lewis, son of Joseph J. and Mary (Miner) Lewis, and grandson of Enoch Lewis, was born in West Chester, February 25, 1834. He was educated at Yale College, and graduated in 1853 . . . . He studied law in West Chester with his father, but in 1854 began to study for the ministry fo the Methodist Episcopal Church, and for a few years was a member of the Philadelphia Conference. In 1857 he taught as professor of languages in the State Normal University in Bloomington, Ill.; in 1858 he became professor of mathematics, and in 1860 of Greek, in the Troy University, New York, and in 1863 was appointed Deputy Commissioner of Internal Revenue in Washington, his father being then commissioner. The next year he was admitted to the bar of New York, and has been practising law in that city every since except that for four years he was editorial writer and managing editor of the New York Evening Post, William Cullen Bryant being editor-in-chief.

. . . . He was class poet at Yale College in 1853, and read a poem at the class reunion in 1883."

[George Johnston (ed.), The Poets and Poetry of Chester County, Pennsylvania 136-137 (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co., 1890)]


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