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James Liddy

Ireland & Wisconsin

James Liddy was born in 1934 in Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland and educated by Benedictine monks and at University College, Dublin, where he earned a master's degree in English. Liddy was called to the Bar in Ireland in the 1950s, having enrolled in the Kings Inns, Dublin. He appeared once before the Irish Supreme Court.

Liddy's first poetry was published in The Irish Times in 1959. Liddy's novel Young Men Go Walking was published by Wolfhound in 1986. A study of Liddy's life and work, by Brian Arkins, James Liddy: A Critical Study, was published in 2001 by Arlen House (Galway, Ireland). Liddy’s autobiography, The Doctor's House: An Autobiography, was published in 2004 by Salmon Publishing (County Clare, Ireland). A Festschrift for Liddy, Honeysuckle, Honeyjuice, edited by Mike Begnal, was published by Arlen House in 2006.

Liddy took up residence in Milwaukee in 1976 and was of Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he taught creative writing, and Irish and Beat literature. Liddy died on 5 November 2008 in Milwaukee.

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Selected Poems

Excerpts from The Doctor's House: An Autobiography
Legal Studies Forum -- vol. 30, 2006


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