Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Philip B. Lindsley

(1842-    )

"Lindsley, Philip, lawyer and author, was born in Nashville, Tenn., August 2, 1842. His father was N.L. Lindsley and his mother, Julia Stevens. He married, April 28, 1869, Louisa G. Dickinson, the only sister of the present Secretary of War, J.M. Dickinson. He possesses a rich fund of anecdote and a keen sense of humor, and besides occasional poems and sketches, has published 'The Humor of the Court-room' (1899), a work of rare charm, which the author has cast in the mold of the drama and which has evoked the most enthusiastic praise of critics, North and South; 'The History of Greater Dallas' (1909), and 'The Circuit Judge,' (1909)."

[Source: Edwin Anderson Alderman & Joel Chandler Harris (eds.), Library of Southern Literature 259 (New Orleans: Martin & Hoyt Co., 1910)(1907)(Vol. 15, Biographical Dictionary of Southern Authors, 1929, Lucian Lamar Knight ed.)]


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___________, The Circuit Judge: A Play in Five Acts (Dallas, Texas: [s.n.], 1908)

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