Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Ernst Lothar

Austria & Colorado

Ernst Lothar was an Austrian-American novelist born in Moravia, the son of a lawyer. He was educated in Vienna and, at the insistence of his father, obtained his law degree at the University of Vienna in 1914. He worked as a prosecutor for the Austrian Ministry of Justice and as an administrator in the Ministry of Trade. In the early 1920s he gave up government work to become a theater critic and essayist. At the age of twenty he published, in 1910, his first book, a collection of verse, Der Ruhige Hain: ein Gedichtbuch. Lothar was also the author of political essays and other literary writings. It was during the 1930s when Lothar published a number of novels that his work began to receive critical attention in the United States. His third novel, The Loom of Justice (1933), depicts a Salzburg judge prosecuted for his involvement in the mercy killing of his terminally-ill wife. When the Nazi begin their political control of Austria, Lothar escaped to Switzerland and then made his way to the United States in 1939. In the United States he continued to write novels, lectured at American universities and became a professor of drama at Colorado College where he continued to write. His novel, Beneath Another Sun, was a Literary Guild Book selection in 1943. Lothar became a United States citizen in 1944 but returned to Austria in 1949 and resumed his life there. His writings in the 1950s and 1960s included fiction, essays, autobiography, and theater criticism. Lothar authored more than twenty novels.

Ernst Lothar


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