Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Wilmer W. MacElree


Ian Brabner, a Wilmington, Delaware, antiquarian book dealer identifies Wilmer W. MacElree as a "lawyer and poet." We know little more, except that he served as district attorney of Chester County, and practiced law in West Chester until he was 93. He died on January 16, 1960.

MacElree & Harvey
law firm founded by Wilmer W. MacElree


Wilmer W. MacElree, Court Room and Steeple (West Chester, Pennsylvania: Morning Republican Print, 1901)

________________, Shadow-Shapes (West Chester, Pennsylvania: self-published, 1904)

_________________, Down the Eastern and Up the Black Brandwine (West Chester, Pennsylvania: F.S. Hickman, 1906)

________________, Along the Western Brandywine (West Chester, Pennsylvania: 2nd ed., 1912)

________________, Side Lights on the Bench and Bar of Chester County (West Chester, Pennsylvania: privately published, 1918)

________________, Around the Boundaries of Chester County (West Chester, Pennsylvania: Self published, 1934)

________________, Manors of Chester County (Chester County Historical Society, 1939)

________________, The Trial of Jesus (West Chester, Pennsylvania: Printed by D. Edwards Biehn, 1940)