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Allan Bowie Magruder

Kentucky & Louisiana

Allan B. Magruder was born in Kentucky, about 1775. He studied law and was admitted to the Lexington, Kentucky bar in 1797. His poetry was published in the Kentucky Gazette in 1802 and 1803. He is considered one of Kentucky's first poets. He served in both the state legislature and as U.S. Senator (1812-1813).

[Source: John Wilson Townsend, 1 Kentucky in American Letters 1794-1912 19-23, 37-39 (Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Torch Press, 1913)(noting bibliographical information in Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography (New York, 1888)]

[Note: The first poet in Kentucky is said to have been Thomas Johnson, Jr., who was born in Virginia about 1760 and came to Kentucky and settled at Danville when he was twenty-five years old. His book of poems, The Kentucky Miscellany (1796), may well be the first such book published in the state.]

Allan Bowie Magruder
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