Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Luther Rawson Marsh

New York

New York lawyer & orator; one-time law-partner of Daniel Webster


Luther R. Marsh, A Slight Souvenir of a Visit to the Yorktown Centennial Celebration, in October, 1881, on board the Steam Yacht Yosemit (new York: Priv. printed, 1881)

_____________, The Great Debates Among the Kates: Stenographic Report (New York: Dempsey & Carol, ca. 1888)


Luther R. Marsh, Address on the Alphabet—The Vehicle of History ([New York]: Printed by the Historical Society, 1885)


Luther R. Marsh (ed.), Writings and Speeches of Alvan Stewart, on Slavery (New York: A.B. Burdick, 1860) [online text]