Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Dwight Gaylord McCarty

(1878- )

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Dwight G. McCarty, Horizons Unlimited: Selected Poems
(Emmetsburg, Iowa: Gaylord Co., 1967)

"Dwight McCarty was born at Sioux City, Iowa in 1878. He graduated from Emmetsburg High School (1897), Grinnell College (1901) and Harvard Law School (1904). In 1904 he joined his father George B. McCarty 's law firm (McCarty & McCarty) in Emmetsburg. He remained in practice in Emmetsburg throughout his career. McCarty was the author of numerous books and articles on legal and historical topics. Many of his publications dealt with lawyers and law office management and with the history of Palo Alto County, the state of Iowa and the town of Emmetsburg."

[Bio/History (note), Dwight Gaylord McCarty Papers, Special Collections, State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa]


Dwight G. McCarty, Horizons Unlimited: Selected Poems (Emmetsburg, Iowa: Gaylord Co., 1967)


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Dwight Gaylord McCarty Papers
Special Collections, State Historical Society of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa