Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

William Trimble McClintick


George Irving Reed (ed.), Bench and Bar of Ohio: A Compendium of
History and Biography
(Chicago: Century Publishing and Engraving Co., 1897)(Vol. 1)(opposite pg. 213)

"McClintick, William Trimble (1819-Octo. 28, 1903), lawyer, was born in Chillicothe, Ross County. He practiced throughout his life in Chillicothe and became one of Ohio's distinguished attorneys. He wrote a number of articles for the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society and Verses Written during a Busy Lawyer's Life, Chillicothe, 1902." [William Coyle (ed.), Ohio Authors and Their Books: Biographical Data and Selective Bibliographies for Ohio Authors, Native and Resident, 1796-1950 405 (Cleveland: World Publishing Co., for the Ohioana Library Association, 1962)] [Used with the gracious permission of the Ohioana Library Association]

"Hon. William Trimble McClintick, a life member of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, a cultivated gentleman, and one of the most distinguished citizens of Ohio, died at his residence, Chillicothe, on October 28, 1903, at the . . . age of eighty-four. . . . His long life spanned almost the first century of Ohio's statehood history, and he had the unique experience of having known personally Ohio's first Governor, Edward Tiffin, and with two exceptions, all the rest to and including Governor Nash. One of the most interesting portrayals of personal reminiscence perhaps in Ohio literature is the address by Mr. McClintick, delivered at the Centennial celebration of the adoption of Ohio's first constitution, held at Chillicothe, on November 29, 1902. Those who were present on that occasion will never cease to remember Mr. McClintick as he stood before the audience, with the courtly manner of a gentleman of the old school, and told with genial humor, and rare literary flavor, some of the important events of Ohio's history, in which he was either spectator or participator. Mr. McClintick was the master of wide culture; college bred, an accomplished lawyer, and a man of wide affairs and experience. Ever a close observer and philosophical thinker, he carried with him an environment of marvelous mental acquirement and trained temperament." [Ohio History: Scholarly Journal of the Ohio Historical Society, Vol. 13, at p. 125] [online text]


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