Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Charlie Lincoln McGuire

(1867- )

Charlie McGuire was a farmer, educator, and lawyer. He was born, June 14, 1867 near Sweet Springs, Missouri, the son of Captain Samuel Wallace and Sarah Frances (Foulke) McGuire. McGuire's father, Samuel Wallace McGuire, and his grandfather, Stephen D. Foulke, were Union Army officers during the Civil War. McGuire attended Warrenburg (Missouri) State Normal School and received his LL.B. from the law school at the University of Michigan. His poetry appeared in Anthology of Poetry by Oklahoma Writers (1935)(1936)(1937), The Spring Anthology (London, 1937), Law Student's Helper (a serial publication, 1893-1915) and The Green Bag. McGuire was a member of the Oklahoma Poetry Society, the Oklahoma Historical Society, and served as President of the Webster Society. He was active in the Republican party. McGuire resided in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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