Strangers to Us All
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Michael McPherson


Michael McPherson was born in Hilo, Hawaii and in 1954 moved to Oahu with his parents. He learned to surf at Waikiki and surfed at Maui and Kauai, 1965-1970. He obtained his B.A. from the University of Hawaii-Manoa in 1974, and two years later, his M.A. degree. He edited and published the literary journal HAPA on Mau from 1980 to 1983, was Hawaii Review's first fiction editor in 1972, and founded Xenophobia Press in Wailuku in 1980. He is the author of a poetry collection, Singing with the Owls (Petronium Press, 1982, a novel, Rivers of the Sun (South Point Press, 2000), and All Those Summers: Memories of Surfing's Gold Age (Watermark Publishing, 2004)(poetry and prose by Michael McPherson with photographs by Zak Noyle, David Darling, and Tim McCullough).

In 1988, the Hawaii House of Representatives honored McPherson to his contributions to Hawaii literature while he was a student at Lewis and Clark law school in Portland, Oregaon. His poetry, short fiction, essays and reviews appeared regularly in Hawaii's literary journals and anthologies since 1979.

McPherson was a solo practitioner in Hawaii concentrating on criminal defense work. He died on April 11, at the age of 61.

[Source: Personal communication with Michael McPherson and his book, Sing With the Owls]

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